Whats Up With Mac Skate Club?

photo by Ashley Fontanez

Mac Skate club doesn’t get the attention they deserve. The skate club is one of the best groups the school offers because skating is often under estimated and there is an entire group of them at this school. The boys encourage each other to do great things.

Often, people see the groups and organizations going to competitions to win the highest title. However, the skate club does not go to competitions because there is nothing organized or set up in San Antonio for skate teams to compete in.

The skate club doesn’t spend the majority of their time doing tricks at the skate park. Instead, they talk about their favorite skate videos the next time they meet at Lady Bird Johnson park, which is only once a month, or they talk about cool new shirt designs for the club.

To be a part of skate club you don’t have to know how to skate or even be good at it. All you need to do it visit Mrs. Beres and fill out simple paper work. If students were a part of skate club they would have a chance to be titled “skater of the night.” The chosen skater gets a free board.

“It doesn’t have to be the person that skates the best,” Dalton Bricker (10) said. “It’s the person that has the most fun, and that person gets the free board.”

There are a couple of different people in the skate club who could be the best skaters.

“Brett or Cody,” Bricker said. “It’s not a contest, I can’t really pick they’re both just so good.”

This kind of encouragement from the team is what makes these boys continue to skate and practice.

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