Bieber Who? -Austin Mahone Review

New Pop Singer, Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone CD Cover
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The new music craze, also known as Austin Mahone just came out with a new single titled ¬†‘Say Your Just A Friend ft. Flo Rida.

Austin, from LaVerina, Texas, started the inspiration for music at age 6. His dreams started from the begging his mom for a drum set one Christmas, and finally got it.

Mahone’s music career grew when he became a big hit on YouTube at first, he started uploading covers of everyone from Drake and Justin Bieber to Ne-Yo and Bruno Mars, and a massive following began.

At age 16, he’s a pop teen sensation and a uprising super star. His latest song ‘Say Your Just A Friend’ ft. Flo Rida, has a good tune and spice to it, in my opinion you can dance, sing, or just chill with this new hit. Austin used his musical talents to express how he feels with everyone of his songs. This one is about a girl who he likes but can’t tell her because it will change things, or make things awkward.

“It’s something everyone can relate to, I want to write songs about things that people can get up and party to,” ¬†Mahone said.

Austin is on his way to a big carrer as a pop teen sensation, with a new fan base named the “Mahones”. He will probabaly be the next JB and heart throb of every girl in the world.

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