Spring Show


Cheerleaders practice for Spring Show
Photo by Andrina Alvarez

Spring show will be Friday, May 17,in the auditorium. Spring show is the spirit teams annual showcase for the Brahmadoras, Lassies, Pep Squad, and Varsity and JV cheerleaders.

Each group performs their dances from competition season ,as well as senior solos, and a few new dances choreographed just for spring show.

” My favorite part is getting all the dancers and cheerleaders and pep squad together for one big show” Lena Roha(11)said.

The performance is also a time for the spirit group members to perform for their friends and family, and for the seniors to reminisce on their years in the spirit organizations.  Each senior writes a letter talking about their experiences as a dancer or cheerleader, and thanking all of those who made it possible. This year they have made a change and instead of reading them out loud during the show they will print them in the programs.

“It will definitely be sad because this is the last time that I will be able to dance on that stage and dance with these girls I’ve been danced with for four years,” Lauren Fagan(12) said.

Although the night focuses on seniors, for many this is their first experience in performing for the spring show. The night is host to a wide variety of experience, grade levels, and dancers. The students have been practicing for the whole year for this performance. Each dance includes difficult choreography, stunts, and elaborate costumes.

Spring show is a chance for the dancers and cheerleaders to show off all the dances that parents and students don’t usually get to see.


Cheerleaders rehearsing for the show
Photo by Andrina Alvarez
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