Brighton Beach Memoir-Review

Brighton Beach Memoir, a black box performance is a dramatic theatrical performance brought together with actors and crafty props.

Brighton Beach was an astonishing  play, the actors were bright and vivid with the roles they played. The performance had the audience giggling the majority of the time and was filled with drama that pulled people into the story line.

The main character, Eugene , played by Corbin Schnuriger was brought to life by his natural comedic ability. Eugene, a fourteen year old boy from the 30s, lived with his parents, brother, aunt, and two cousins. The interaction between the actors as a family, the onlookers felt the emotional bond between them.

Everyone who was in the play knew what they were doing and acted professionally, even the tech crew knew when to play sounds and let the audience know it was intermission.

Overall the play was one of a kind in its own way, personally I would have liked to have seen it more than once if I had the chance, knowing that every time it would have been better.


Scenes from Brighton Beach. Photos by Megan Howell

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