Chalk It Up!

Max, who recently emigrated from Ukraine, works intently on an unfinished samurai for the San Antonio Art Museum’s theme of Lethal Beauty. Photo by Juan A. Garcia

Colorful chalk murals are scattered about Houston Street on October 12th, lighting up the pavement with the scribbles of children and artists’ masterpieces alike. This could only mean one festival – Chalk It Up.

On its tenth year this past Saturday, Chalk It Up has been transforming Houston Street into one gigantic chalk canvas every early October since 2004. Held by ArtPace, a local art center, Chalk It Up sees many visitors annually.

Carlos Saldaña enjoyed his time at Chalk It Up with his three young sons.

“This is actually my first time here,” Saldaña admitted. “I had to bring the kids by, to let them experience this for themselves.”

Having lived in the Valley before moving to San Antonio, the family takes advantage of the growing arts community here whenever they can.

“There was no art system at all over there,” Saldaña said. “My wife and I always try to do what we can to bring them [Downtown] and stuff like that.”

Lindsey Smith, a staffer of the San Antonio Museum of Art, was working the information table for SAMA at the festival. Smith, as an educator of the arts, has seen the arts community in San Antonio grow in the past couple of years.

“I’ve seen the arts community being more involved in the arts and cultural resources,” Smith said. “It is getting better.”

Though Smith has only been to Chalk It Up twice, she recognizes the importance of events like this.

“I think that [children] get to realize their talents,” Smith said.

Nimitz Middle School art teacher Eric Cavasos and his students show off their chalky hands.                                Photo by Juan A. Garcia
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