Region Orchestra Advance

After months of practicing, high school orchestra students from around NEISD auditioned for the Region 12 Symphony and Philharmonic Orchestras.

On Oct. 21, the auditions for the Symphony Orchestra were held at Lee HS and on Nov. 2, the auditions for the Philharmonic Orchestra were held at Lopez MS.

Photo by Gabby Alls

At the Region auditions, string instruments were spilt up into different groups. Students played excerpts from assigned pieces in front of their peers and a panel of disclosed judges. Most auditions took a few hours to complete. Afterwards, many students waited anxiously for the results.

Selected students will attend the Region Clinic at Reagan HS on Dec. 13 and Dec. 14. The concert will also be at Reagan on Dec. 14, at 6pm.

On Oct. 26, violinists, Farry Seddighzadeh and Frank Dirosa, cellist, Drew Bauml and, pianist, Shannon Douglas recorded audition tapes for the All-State Orchestra at Reagan HS. This weekend judges from the around the state, including orchestra directors Dr. Garverick and Mr. Davis, will select students for the All-State Orchestra. The results will be posted on Sunday, Nov. 10.

The following students were selected for the Region Orchestra:

Symphony Orchestra


Farry Seddighzadeh

Frank Dirosa

Gabby Rice

Hannah Rose

Patrick Gibbens

Lucy Filipowicz

Samatha Ayala


Carolina Claunch

Johnny Shiao


Drew Bauml

Andrea Vigil

Jacob Martinez

Jacob Lambert

Ryan Pircher


Richy Lepovitz


Philharmonic Orchestra


Claire Rose

Yea-Lim Jang

Jenny Hwang

Mary Martinez

Kimberly Collins

Petra Reyes-Perez

Elizabeth Richardson

Jamee Mascorro

Whitney Mask

Erica Gonzales

Kevin Garcia

Michelle Navarro

Sarah Yebra


Aiden Cruz

Danylle Hernandez

Matthew Wallace

Ashton Woods

Jesus Zendejo


Gabrielle Alls

Annmarie Burns

Payton Slansky

Rachel Gornitz


Isaiah Craft

Jeryd Greer



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