The Reason for the Season: No Shave November

No Shave November captivates hundreds of people each year as the competition for most impressive beard or longest leg hair occurs. People refuse to shave for 30 days and get sponsored for not shaving, raising money for cancer research and since its founding has expanded to funds for causes like aid to sexual assault victims and disaster survivors. People can raise money through funding sites  or read about history here.

When the NSN pandemic made its way to school, teachers and students rose to the challenge but Drew Bauml, 12, and Mr. Andrew Arnatt, English teacher not only finished the month without shaving, but ended up with exceptional beards.

Neither Arnatt nor Bauml actually raised funds, but look forward to raising funds for cancer next November.

“Two years ago my stand partner told me, ‘When you’re a senior you better do No Shave November cause I know you can grow it more than anyone I know, and you’re only a sophomore so you better do it’, and I was like, ‘okay’,” Bauml said recalling the reason he did it. ” Of course, this whole thing started for cancer patients so I think everyone should know the true meaning behind it. There’s this website where you can donate money to whom ever has the coolest beard and I definitely thought that was cool, but I just grew it.”

Many students did not get to participate fully because of sports or activities they’re in, but Bauml and Mr. Arnatt got a lot of positive feedback.

“I’ve gotten a lot of compliments and people seem to really like it, well, except my wife,” Arnatt laughed.

Though November has ended, neither Arnatt or Bauml has shaved yet.

“I’m feeling the death of the beard is soon,” Bauml said.  “I’ll for sure raise money next year and I know, I’ve had family members with cancer and I know it’s a terrible thing. Any money raised to help it is good money. I can’t wait to raise some funds next year.”


Brett Skogman, 12, did not finish NSN.
Photo by Sarah Morales
M. Velasquez, 12, above and Laura Smith, 12, below.
Photo by Sarah Morales
Jake Johnson, 12, did not finish NSN.
Photo by Sarah Morales
Mr Andrew Arnatt’s November progression.
Photo by Sarah Morales
Dom Dorsa, 12, did not finish NSN.
Photo by Sarah Morales
November’s progression, Drew Bauml, 12.
Photo by Sarah Morales
Drew Bauml, 12, with his final beard.
Photos by Sarah Morales








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