Theme Days

A poster decorated by student council’s Pride and Patriotism committee to inform students of the theme days. Photo by Kayla Gunn

High school comes with various of traditions and events that some students actively participate in. One of these events is the occasional theme week, where an organization or club picks different dress up ideas for everyday of the week. Normally this is done to advertise a club, fundraiser or to even get the word out about an event. The week of Dec. 9th- Dec.13th, student council’s Pride and Patriotism committee is hosting a holiday theme week to get the students in good spirits and give them one last good laugh when they see there friends dressed up before final exam week.

“It really brings the school together,” student council member Abby McBroom, 11, said, “It gets people ready for the holidays.”

The theme for the dress up days for the week will be:

Dec. 9th, Monday- Cindy Lou Who Hair

Dec. 10th, Tuesday- Holiday Socks

Dec. 11th, Wednesday- Green for the Grinch

Dec. 12th, Thursday- Duck the halls, themed after the popular t.v. show Duck Dynasty.

Dec. 13th, Friday- Tacky Christmas Sweaters

“I’m thinking either the Holiday Socks or Tacky Sweater days are going to be the favorites,” McBroom said, “People will go all out with those.”

Occasionally, the organization hosting the theme days will give out prizes to those who participate. This is partically true, as teachers who dress up have a chance to win something but students do not. Nevertheless, dressing up is a means for students to relieve some stress and show their school and holiday spirit.

“I am super excited about Cindy Lou Who hair day,” head of the Pride and Patriotism, Alyssa Parsons, 11, said, “Hopefully I can make my short hair work.”


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