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Big Hero 6 is an animated movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios and is the first Marvel movie made by Disney and Marvel since Disney’s acquisition of Marvel Studios. It is based off of the Marvel comic series, Big Hero 6, but has been changed due to the fact that Disney was allowed to have free reign over the title.

The story takes place in San Fransokyo (yes it is a combination of San Francisco and Tokyo), and follows Hiro Hamada (Ryan Potter), a young 14 year old genius who spends his spare time bot fighting. After a fight gone wrong, Hiro’s brother, Tadashi Hamada (Daniel Henney), takes Hiro to his (Tadashi’s) school, San Fransokyo Tech, to met his friends. After meeting Gogo Tomago (Jamie Chung), Wasabi (Damon Wayans, Jr.), Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez), and Fred (T.J. Miller), Tadashi takes Hiro to meet Baymax (Scott Adsit), Tadashi’s robotics project. Baymax is a large robot sort of resembling a marshmallow, due to white inflated body, and is programed to be a personal health care assistant. Hiro then meets Professor Callaghan (James Cromwell), who inspires Hiro to join San Fransokyo Tech and to build his micro bots, which are thousands of tiny robots that are controlled by a neural transmitter. After an explosion Hiro’s micro bots are stolen, he then creates high-tech suites for himself, Baymax, and his friends to fight a villain called Yokai.

Big Hero 6 poster with all of the main protagonists.  Photo by urban
Big Hero 6 poster with all of the main protagonists.
Photo by urban

Something that was amazing about the movie was the animation. It was the best animation that I have ever seen out of any animated movie, Disney or otherwise, that has hit the big screen. It was smooth, beautiful, and as far as I could see, without flaw. Every move, expression, action, building, and hair (for those who don’t know, hair is one of the hardest things to animate well and correctly) was just stunning.

Another notable thing was that, while Big Hero 6 is a Disney movie, it had a pretty dark and sad story to it. While there isn’t enough to make the over all movie dark, those scenes really add to the depth of the story.  They made Big Hero 6 different from the traditional pretty-much-always-happy Disney movies, which is something that I personally liked.

The main antagonist of the movie, Yokai. Photo by
The main antagonist of the movie, Yokai.
Photo by

The only thing that wasn’t great about the movie was Hiro’s tech suite. While all of Hiro’s friends and Baymax got tech suites that gave them some form of ability, Hiro’s really did nothing but allow him to attach to Baymax’s back and fly around. If a sequel to Big Hero 6 is made, hopefully something will be added to his suite.

Big Hero 6 was an amazing movie with stunning animation, and a great plot. The only thing that I thought was slightly disappointing was Hiro’s tech suite, but that honestly isn’t very big in the grand scheme of things. I saw this movie twice and loved it both times, so I give Big Hero 6 a full five out of five stars, and it deserves every single one. I hope that they will make a sequel that is even better than the first.

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