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The rope being cut to officially open the new Walmart                           Photo by: stephanie
The rope being cut to officially open the new Walmart Photo by: Stephanie Martinez

Filling up your tank and picking up forgotten supplies for school just got a lot easier for students and staff alike. A new Walmart was added to the community surrounding MacArthur on Wednesday, Jan. 14.  Many are excited about the addition, and what it has to offer to the community.

“I think [the Walmart] is great for the community,” principal Peter Martinez said. “It occupies a building that wasn’t occupied,[and unoccupied buildings are] always a bad thing.”

Officials in administration are not the only ones who are excited about this grand opening.

“I think the new Walmart is a nice addition for the surrounding neighborhoods,” senior Paulina Fisher said. “It’s very convenient for people who live around MacArthur View because now they have access to a close neighborhood market.”

Not every student is excited about this new business in the area, however, and have a few concerns.

“The new Walmart can [possibly] increase traffic [in the area]”, senior Bonny Chu said. ” [This could make] it more difficult for students and teaches to get back home.”

Traffic is not the only concern of some. As many have experienced, having business close by can lead to an increase in lock down situations.

“I don’t think [lockdowns will be an issue],” Martinez said. “I think having somebody else in that area that can [have] another set of eyes on what’s going on [is a good thing.]”

Despite those who disagree, there is no denying that the new Walmart is here to stay.


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