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Actors Anaya Green and Cody Bishop playing their characters Zuss and Nickles Photo by: Amparo Gill Ortega

The theater program is always talked about with high esteem for their exemplary performing in shows, and their production of J.B last week, January 13 though the 17, was no different. Senior Nicholas Guerrero did a phenomenal job portraying the emotions of his character and the lead, J.B, in this classic show. The whole story behind J.B is based in the biblical story of Job, which is made known to the viewer through the actors Anaya Green, junior and Cody Bishop, senior, who played Zuss and Nickles. Zuss and Nickels take on the parts of God and Satan in the play itself, and intervened in the life of J.B to test his resolve in his faith in God, making bets on his reactions.

The actions of God caused J.B to loose everything. His children were all killed, and his wife, Sara left him for a time, leaving him alone to question what he had done to bring this on himself and the ones he loved. The acting of Guerrero throughout it all was incredibly moving, but it was the acting Zoe Garner, junior, that really hit the viewer where it hurt. The shear despair in her screams when her children were taken from her moved me to tears.

All those who performed as extras in the play did nothing but add to the depth of the emotions being shown to the crowd. The fact that this production was put on in the Black Box made the experience that much more memorable. The close, intimate space allowed for a much more personal performance that the big stage just can not provide.

Overall, I loved this show and the actors in it. These words can not portray the depth of my admiration for the entire cast, and all those who were a part of this amazing performance. Even if you were unable to attend this performance, I highly recommend attending the next available show put on by the talented theater department.

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