The story of our life: 1D breaks up

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After five years of being in boy band One Direction, Zayn Malik has recently announced his departure from the group.  All Directioners are taking this devastating news in different ways; some are breaking out in tears, while others are denying that this is real. But one thing fans, in my opinion, shouldn’t be doing is getting angry over this news. Yes, its sad to see a member leave, but Zayn is leavng because the business got too stressful for him. The rumors about his relationship, the paparazzi, the die hard fans, and just the overall invasion of his privacy became too much to bear.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fangirl as well, but I know the limit and when it’s gone to far. Yeah I joke around about going to London to get a chance to meet them, but to go to their home and invade not only their privacy, but their families privacy is wrong. These five boys, who have saved thousands of girls lives, have a right to their own lives and being able to live in peace.

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My point is that I can see where Zayn got fed up with the negative rumors that could have ruined his engagement with Perrie Edwards from Little Mix, and with all the paparazzi and fans invading his privacy. All of us fans should know that their homes and family time is something that needs to be respected. It is the only time they have the chance to be normal boys.

Honestly, I know what all of the fans are thinking they would last forever because I was thinking the same thing. They had such a close friendship with one another that we all just thought nothing would come between them. What we never considered was that us fans and the media would be the reason that one of them finally reached their limit and got fed up with it all.

Although its not entirely our fault as fans, some of us should have never crossed the line of finding his home and trying to ruin his romantic relationship. Fans should treat their idols with respect and admiration, not with hate and obsessiveness.

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