School will now be 75,600 minutes

The new minimum requirement is 75,600 minutes in class instruction, which is roughly 19.5 days less than the previous 180 day minimum. Texas Law HB 2610 now permits school districts to determine the length or even change the format of the district calendar. NEISD recently posted a preview of the new calendar, which is available at

Photo by: Janelle Garcia
Photo by: Janelle Garcia

“It’s a new calendar,” AP Ms. Cook said, “I was surprised it was approved.”

The new alterations one the 2016-2017 calendar are unlike any set up in the previous school years. There is a new unexpected change that was made, now students will be released to winter break on a Wednesday instead of a Friday.

“I have everything set to date,” sophomore Joshua Wong said, “Holiday’s are affected, it’s a devastating hit.”

Faculty at school has not been informed of any other changes that may occur on campus but if there are any other changes then there will be a briefing of the problem for proper addressing. Once returning from the winter break faculty is worried

“Parents may say ‘let’s stay another two days, it’s only two days’,” AP Ms. Cook said “But a lot of times what we expect to have an impact doesn’t.”

Once district decides to enforce this new law on greater subjects, like extending class time, a door will be opened to greater problems like transportation or schedules.

“I would have trouble getting home because my mom works so late,” freshman Sydney DeLeon said “I’ll either get picked up early or not at all.”

Changing schedules is much like changing a tradition on campus. All the students have adjusted to the time frame and know when it’s time to go to the next class, everything would be unfamiliar if times are altered.

“Everybody fits [the schedule] now,” sophomore Felicity Zorola said “There’s enough time to eat, shower, do homework, and sleep.”

Students will be released for summer vacation on June first giving students more time to do extra things within the time that’s available.

“[Since there will be more vacation time,] I would work for more money before band camp,” sophomore Sebastian Tapia said.


Having more time in the summer also gives students more time to relax and enjoy life. Being away from school is relieving from all the worries of school.

“Having a longer summer means less stress,” junior Jacob Jenschke said.

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