Academic UIL 2016 Results

In the last few weeks selected students have attended the annual UIL competitions at various high schools. The students competed in their specific area of interest: English, Speech, Science, Journalism, and Theatre. Many of them were very successful and placed in the top places, advancing to region.

“For our last performance for which we won first place, we didn’t have a lot of time to prepare and we weren’t really into it yet, and when we finally went on it kind of hit us,” junior Maddie Hamby said. “The rehearsal process was very difficult but I had a lot of fun.”

Computer Applications: First place, Zahra Nooruddin – advances to region

Second place, Daniela Guerrero – advances to region

Informative Speaking: Second place, Adrian Berumen – advances to region

Third place, Tim Keyser – advances to region

Persuasive Speaking: Third place, Brett Glasscock – advances to region

Ready Writing: Third place, AnnMarie Burns – advances to region

Science: Fifth place, Ryan McArdle

Sixth place, Zhaokun Xue

Physics: First place, Zhaokun Xue – advances to region

Science Team: Second place, Ryan McArdle, Angelica Padilla, Robert Goodman, Jay Xue – advances to region

Spelling & Vocabulary: Sixth place, Lyssandra, Archer

Headline Writing: First place, Julia Rash – advances to region

Prose Interpretation: Sixth place, Ariadna Lamas

News Writing: Fifth place, Julia Rash

 One Act Play: First place, theatre students

“I think whenever you compete for UIL you always feel a bit nervous since you never know how it’s going to turn out. I had a bit of doubt of going for it because there’s so many other schools going,” senior Julia Rash said. “Actually being able to know that I’m moving on to regionals is amazing because I put hard work into this and I’m able to do it.”

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