What’s Cook’n Q&A With The Caf Staff

Leah Whetstone- Manager Adrianna Morris- Assist. Manager Momica Alcantar, Amelia Quurino, Marium Sanchez, Rebeca Theriot, Nasemary Brantley, Maria Callero, Kendrea Conner, Pamela Dixon, Joseph East, Fayette Fox, Maria Guadiana, Melissa Gutierrez, Myrna Harrell, Anna Herrera, Sonya Howlader, Julie Jimenez, Josefa Linares, Maria Martinez, Ellen McMahan, Isabel Monroy, Gloria Olson, Bertha Lopez

Every year the MacArthur Cafeteria staff members always do an excellent job preparing nutritious foods for the students and teachers. They surely know how to make everyone feel welcomed, therefore we appreciate our cafeteria ladies and gentlemen. 

Q: What’s your favorite food to serve and why?

A: “My favorite thing to serve has to be the mashed potatoes, all the students like it and and get seconds sometimes,”  Maria Callero said.

Q: What are some experiences working as a lunch lady?

A: “A lot of the kids will see me outside of school and they recognize me. They will say hi, everybody knows me,” Ms. Callero said.

Q: What time do you start preparing breakfast and lunch?

A: “We try to prepare everything at once, we begin at 8 a.m. and finish putting things away after 6th lunch” Ms. Callero said.

Q: How long have you been working here at Mac?

A: “I’ve been working here for 11 years, I love it. All the foods I do here I cook at home, my family enjoys my cooking.” Callero said.

Q: Have you worked with any other schools besides Mac?

A: “Yes I have worked outside of mac with Reagan High School, I did like it but I prefer Mac, it’s much closer to home” Myran Harrell said.

Q: How do the students and staff treat you?

A: “They treat us very well, especially the teachers they are very nice to us” Harrell said.

Q: How do you feel about the, Build Your Own Line?

A: “Ohhhhh good you know the food is excellent, there’s so much of a variety and very nutritious food. There is very good choices over their and its cheap.” Harrell

Q: What do you do when students forget their lunch money?

A: “We allow them to charge to the $5.oo level, and then we tell them to at least bring some money but yes they have a $5.00 option.” Harrell said.


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