Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the cafeteria is ready to set into motion. Ms. Leah Whetstone, the cafeteria manager, explains what they have planned for the holiday.

Leah Whetstone, the cafeteria manager. Photo taken by Hannah Monita.
Leah Whetstone, the cafeteria manager. Photo taken by Hannah Monita.

“We have what’s called the Thanksgiving Feast. It’ll be Thursday, Nov. 17, and we will have turkey with dressing, hot wheat roll with mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet potato pie, fresh fruit of your choice, and your choice of milk,” Whetstone said.

The traditions itself hold more of a meaning in respect to everyone.

“We have the tradition just to honor and celebrate. Being thankful for everything that has been given to us, and to kick off the break, and have a good meal and let the children know how thankful we are for them as well,” Whetstone said.

The tradition always improves, and student still enjoy the moment.

“We  do enjoy it and each year it gets better. We find new ways to do things, but still with the best product,” Whetstone said. “I can remember back in the day when we had to actually make turkeys and de-bone them. Now we get different products that are good and are still delicious. We make the homemade gravy, the rolls are baked, still scratch. So there’s some things that we still make fresh.”

While making the food for the kids is enjoyable, there’s also excitement to celebrate.

“Well we like to celebrate ourselves, so we’re excited about having that meal too, and again we like to see all the visitors,” Whetstone said. “We get a lot more teachers, and lot more kids come to the line that day. We get visitors from outside, maybe from the central office. So we get to celebrate also by seeing a lot of faces we don’t get to see all the time. It’s also district wide.”



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