Wurstfest, Wurstfest, Wurstfest!

From Austin.culturemap
From Austin.culturemap

Wurstfest is an annual event hosted in New Braunfels that the German Club goes to for a whole day taking in the German culture. Sophomore, Emilee Boazman enjoyed her time attending Wurstfest the second time.

What was Wurstfest about?

“Wurstfest was about the German culture like the greasy, fried food and music.”

What activities did you do?

“We listened to German music and we tried lots of different German food such as different meats and carnival rides.”

How did this help you experience the German culture?

“It gave me a better idea of what it is like and listening to the music, putting me more in a German mindset.”

Why did you decide to go on this trip?

“Well I am in German club and it is a fun language to learn and experience more of what their culture is like.”

What interested you the most?

“The food! Definitely. Its taste was very greasy, fried barbecue, fried Oreos and funnel cakes. I don’t remember what the food is called but it was like a potato and shredded until it was a thin spiral and fried it, so good.”

Would you go again?

“Yes because it is fun and just the best German experience.”

Did it reach your expectations?

 Yes, because I already [had] my mindset on what it is going to be like since I’ve been in German for two years, so this will be my second time going.

How would rate Wurstfest, from one to ten?

“A zhen.” (Ten in German)

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