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The NFL players are kneeling down as a form of protest towards racial injustice in the country, but many people, including the president, consider that to be a sign of disrespect towards the flag. On Sept. 15, president Donald Trump, called the NFL players who are kneeling down, SoBs and think they should be fired and that the NFL should be stricter with its players.

NFL players should be able to kneel down during the national anthem as a form of peaceful protesting.

The First Amendment of the Constitution states that every citizen of the United States has freedom of speech. Donald Trump said that the NFL should be strict on their player’s freedom to state their opinion, but that’s not what the First Amendment is about. He also said that they should get fired which is unconstitutional. Banning someone’s right to speak up is not the best solution. Everyone should be encouraged to exercise their rights.

 There is a whole list of rules for “The Star Spangled Banner” that everyone breaks and no one is calling it out. One of the rules is that the flag should not be used as a clothing item. Nobody seems to be aware that buying a shirt with the flag on it, is dishonoring it. Everybody walks around with their shirts like proud Americans. Other rules, that are often broken, include that the flag should not be stored in a way that it could easily be torn or damaged, a design or picture should not be attached to it, it should also not be used for advertising purposes, and many more. All of these rules are broken on a daily basis. Citizens who own a flag don’t always treat it with the respect it deserves and no one seems to care, but when football players kneel down during the national anthem, it’s a big deal. They actually try to be as respectful as possible while showing that they don’t agree with what America has become.

Opposition might say that it’s not showing respect to the soldiers who have died for our country, but kneeling actually shows respect for those who have lost a limb. Even though they are football players and should set a good example, they are also citizens who have the right to protest for what they think it’s right.

Trump’s proposal of firing the players is a bad one. The NFL players should continue to use their rights and protest racial injustice in the country, so America can become a better place.

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3 thoughts on “Kneeling, Protesting

  1. How does kneeling show respect when you say the opposition says it doesn’t show respect

  2. Kneeling down in no way shows respect. It’s a sign of disrespect because of the pure fact that people sacrificed lives and family. Yes Donald Trump acted unruly but he made a point in saying that they were disrespectful. It is a difference when an average citizen breaks a rule such as wearing the flag, and when a person who millions watch and look up to break a rule. And that rule is one of the most important. And you brought up the rule of storing the flag, as a person who owns multiple, and I know many who own flags as well, can say that the flag is safely stored. Not everyone stores their flag properly but the majority who own a flag do. But the basis of your article is about the NFL, and I honestly feel the WAY they expressed their rights was wrong, yes everyone had the right to do so, but it must be in a respectful manner, and quite frankly the majority don’t see it being a respectful way. If they want to take a stand against racial problems they should do it somewhere else. This was an event for all of America to enjoy, and they disrespect many by their peaceful protesting. They have the right I’m not denying that but they should’ve thought about another way of doing so, tmaybe through a speech or interview. They could have done something diffrent than kneeling, we stand during the national anthem as a sign of respect. They are no diffrent and should have done the same. Their protest wasn’t appropriate and that is why it has all been such an outrage.

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