Beary Special Delivery

A Bear Basket held in both hands and a big smile on the little kid’s face who once lost hope. MacTEACH went to Redland Oaks elementary school on Friday February 1st at 7 a.m. to give students who are having trouble at home a gift called, Bear Basket.

Bear basket for a student at Redland Oaks elementary school.
Photo By: Katelyn Tuttle

“This is our first year doing the Bear Basket and it’s pretty amazing,” senior, Katelyn Tuttle said. “They are made particularly for students that attend elementary feeder schools for Mac.”

They chose a little girl that the sponsor of MacTEACH, Mr. Davidson, found on Facebook when he read about her story.

“We decided that we did not want her to feel alone, and that she deserved a special impromptu Bear Basket,” Tuttle said. “We raised $450 within a day and purchased all the stuff for her the following day.”

The Bear Baskets are made to help put a smile on a students face.

“A Bear Basket is a basket catered to the needs of emotionally and physically abused children” Tuttle said “They are filled with puzzles, board games, toys, a blanket, etc, and a stuffed bear of course.”

Last Friday only one Bear Basket was delivered.

“This was a specific situation and special delivery for a student attending the school.” Tuttle said.

MacTEACH decided that they couldn’t wait around any longer to help the student.

“We wanted to do something instead of sitting and just reading her story,” Tuttle said. “We want to be the change.”

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