How to celebrate: Hispanic Heritage Month

 Many ethnicities around the world have characteristics, traits, and established cultures they are proud of. Hispanic Heritage month is September 15 – October 15. With many hispanics all around the world, we celebrate and acknowledge the background of Hispanic cultures and traditions. There are several ways one can contribute and celebrate Hispanic Heritage month. 

15th September 1974: Leader of 200,000 American farmworkers, Cesar Chavez. (Photo by Tim Graham/Evening Standard/Getty Images)


  Hispanic leaders:  

         From fighting for justice to creating strikes and protests, there are many Hispanic leaders you should know and understand. These reformers have fought for the rights and lives of Hispanic people such as César Chavez, an activist and leader to many. He fought to defend Hispanic workers and improve the rights and equality they deserved. He stopped at nothing until they received fair wages and work stability. Another astonishing leader was Rigoberta Menchu. She also fought for rights for many Hispanic and Indigenous people, especially children’s rights in Latin America. Them along with many other fascinating leaders, play a huge part in hispanic heritage month. 

 Hispanic foods

      In many Hispanic households comes delicious Hispanic home cooked meals. The Hispanic culture is based off Hispanic foods in family gatherings, parties, and other special occasions that are celebrated for the nationality. Examples of common Hispanic foods include rice, beans, empanadas, tacos, arepas, mofongo, tasty soups like caldo, menudo, and many more. Hispanic foods are unlike any other different types of dishes around the world, they are the most unique, creative, and authentic foods from other cultures. Almost 79 percent of individuals within the globe prefer Hispanic foods over any others. Hispanic meals are made to have a great impact and bring people closer together as they enjoy time amongst family and friends, and with the best cooked meals.

 Hispanic Traditions:         

Quinceanera- photo from Getty Images

 The lifestyle of Hispanic families come traditions passed down from multiple generations. A well known Hispanic tradition is a Quinceñera. A Quinceñera is a 15th birthday party for transition from childhood to adulthood. In other words from a girl to a sophisticated, courageous woman. Multiple other traditions involve parties, parades and culture centers across Latin America.  

Hispanic Holidays

           Many Latin culture based people from across the nations spend holidays and or gatherings all different types of ways. Depending on where you’re from is depended on how or what you do to support the culture and celebrate holidays. For example, Mexicans celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus Christ, but as for Puerto Ricans and other Latin countries, the celebration takes place on Christmas Eve and it’s a day for family to be close. All different countries have their own established ways they celebrate and enjoy the holidays, but the majority if not all Latin American countries do indeed celebrate those special holidays and occasions with family.

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