7 Fashion Trends You Should Wear This Winter Break

If you are looking for some style inspo, you’ve come to the right place! Here are a couple of trends I love right now. Most of these styles are gender-neutral, pretty simple, and don’t break the bank. Most items pictured are second hand.

1. Mock neck tops

Mock neck sweaters and shirts are similar to turtleneck sweaters. The high collar goes all the way around the wearer’s neck, however it does not extend to the chin. Often, the neck of the sweater is not long enough to be folded or rolled, unlike a turtleneck. Here I am wearing a mock neck sweater paired with black leggings and ankle rain boots. 

2. Plaid pants

My sister says that I look like a teacher when I wear plaid pants, but honestly, I feel like I could conquer the world. They can come in a variety of types of plaid including gingham, checkered, madras, and more. You can easily dress plaid pants up or down. In this outfit I paired my madras plaid pants with a simple pink sweater, and a pair of white sneakers. 

3. Puffers

Puffer coats are thicker jackets, that, for lack of a better word are “puffy.” My puffer coat is a faux puffer, because it doesn’t get cold enough to wear a real one. These coats can simply be layered with any outfit. I recommend getting a neutral color that can match with a variety of colors. Here I am wearing my faux puffer in 30º F weather. I am also wearing this coat in #2.

4. Block color sweaters

This type of sweater has been trending recently and I understand why! These tops are striped sweaters with only about 4-6 stripes, each stripe being a different color. These tops are simple and can be worn with jeans. This is my mom wearing one of her color block sweaters. 

5. Ankle/chelsea boots

These boots are perfect for a Texas winter. Ankle boots can be paired with almost any type of bottoms, included skirts and dresses. These shoes are an easy way to turn a more casual outfit into something dressier. I swear by my ankle rain boots by Merona from Target. You can see me wearing them in outfit #1. 

6. Corduroy

Corduroy is back from the 70s and I am all for it. My favorite ways that I have seen this styled is in a jumper or overalls, as well as jackets. My corduroy jacket is tan and has the classic sherpa collar. It is by GH Bass from Costco. I actually bought it in the men’s section.

7. Layers

Now, layering has always been trendy. Layering jean jackets with hoodies, short sleeves over long sleeves, and cardigans over short sleeve tops are my favorite way I have seen them. My favorite way to style layers are with cardigans. With layering, it’s easy to give a simple outfit a little more style.


Make It Your Own

Personal style is totally your own! Feel free to modify any of these looks and forget about fashion “rules.” It’s all up to you!

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