Donkey Lady-Terrifying SA Urban Legend

Those living in San Antonio for a few years may have heard of the tale of the Donkey Lady. This urban legend dates back to the late 1800s. The story goes, a local woman lost her children in a fire set by her husband. She was badly disfigured, fusing her toes and feet together forming them in a hoof-like way. Since then she roams the river on the south side of town searching for her children.

I was told the tale of the Donkey Lady at the age of five by my mother, sister, and grandma. My sister recalls an encounter with the Donkey Lady when she was the age of twenty. It was an ordinary October night, she and a few of her friends decided to go to the Donkey Lady bridge to see if the legend was true. After fifteen minutes of honking at the Bridge they thought maybe they should get out of the car. Immediately a howl was heard in the distance so they rushed back to the car, leaving the bridge and heading home.

I personally don’t have any encounters with the Donkey Lady, but there is a widely known story about the legend.

The story goes on a dark night a group of friends decide to check out the Donkey Lady Bridge. (Legend has it the best way to get her attention is by honking your car horn.) After a few minutes of honking nothing happens. Soon after the group decides to get off the car and investigate the surrounding woods. While walking one of the friends feels as though they are being watched, and moments later he notices a pair of eyes staring back at him, though he is unable to describe the eyes. Shortly after they hear what sounds like a horse whinny. They run quickly to the car but something hits the car, shaking it. One of the friends struggles to find his keys. After jumping in and turning on the car they’re met with the Donkey Lady staring at them through the windshield. The driver presses the gas and runs over the Donkey lady. At this point they’re driving sixty plus miles an hour only for the Donkey Lady to be trailing right behind them when they finally lose her.

After returning home, a few of the guys who decided not to go on the adventure see the frightened faces of their friends and the damage done to the car. One of the guys who never believed in the Donkey Lady decides to go check out where the supposed encounter happened with the Donkey Lady. Upon driving up he stops. Gets off the car and sees a trail of blood, along with broken glass everywhere. Looking to his side he sees red hoof prints leading off the trail towards the woods. At that point he decides to leave and as he drives off, he hears the howl of the Donkey Lady in the distance.

Those who dare to encounter the Donkey Lady, she is said to be roaming a bridge on the south side of town. I do warn you of what you may encounter, because you will be in for a scare…

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