Top 3 TV shows to binge this Thanksgiving Break

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, and we are all going on break, we need to remember to stay safe during this strange time. Instead of going out with friends all throughout break and having tons of family over for Thanksgiving, we are needing to stay home and stay safe with our immediate family. But with a good show/movie to watch, break might not be as boring as it sounds. Here’s a list of three TV shows you can binge this Thanksgiving break.


Number one, Greys Anatomy. With it’s 17th season being filmed as you read this, Grey’s Anatomy has always been a great show to binge. One of the leading medical dramas, Grey’s follows the life of Meredith Grey, (a successful surgeon), and her friends and family on the show. Filled with drama, tears, laughs, and dance parties, Grey’s Anatomy will for sure get you hooked. Seasons 1-16 are available on Netflix, and new episodes from season 17 are released every Thursday on Hulu. 


Number two, The Society. The Society follows the lives of a senior class from Connecticut who have to learn how to run their town themselves after everyone living there disappears but them. This show will get your adrenaline pumping with its constant plot twists, and amazing acting. Season 1 of The Society is available on Netflix. 


And finally number three, American Horror Story. If you love horror, drama, and romance, this is definitely the show for you. Every season is based on a different story, but includes the same actors/actresses in every season. Filled with so much horror, gore, drama, and intense scenes, American Horror Story will keep you on your toes the whole time. Seasons 1-9 are available on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. 


So, with all of these TV show suggestions, enjoy your break, stay safe, binge watch tons of Netflix, eat some good food, and enjoy time with family. 


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