6 Summer Jobs for Teens

As summer approaches, children run to their community pools, families go to their vacation hideaways, and beach and amusement parks get the most revenue of the year, but teenagers tend to start looking into the adult world of job hunting. 

Right now is the perfect time for teens to find their first job. COVID has caused a rift in our economy that has led to many minimum wage workers getting laid off and having to find different employment, these missing jobs are opening up again which are perfect for teens looking to get some extra cash during the summer.

Looking for jobs isn’t always easy, so I decided as a job hunting teen myself to pull up a few “financial opportunities” that can be found near our high school. 

  • Extreme Escapes-Part Time Guest Services

This is a part time job that is located on 1604 and Blanco. People who are outgoing and want customer service experience would do well for this job. It pays $9 an hour. Click here for the company website

  • Starbuck-Barista

If teenagers are known for something it’s their love of Starbucks. This job’s pay starts at $10 dollars an hour with both part-time and full-time work opportunities. No experience is required and the job is located in the 78216 zip code. Click here for the company website.

  • Cashier/Stocker-Pet Supplies Plus

This job is a little more hands on and isn’t for those with animal related allergies. The pay is about minimum wage and the store is located in the 78209 zip code. Click here for the company website.

  • Team Member-Freddy’s Frozen Custard

This wouldn’t be a job listicle without at least one fast food place. Freddy’s is a job that pays around $10 an hour, but is only for those over the age of 16. This job is located in the 78232 zip code. Click here for the company website. 

  • LifeGuard-YMCA

Want a nice summer tan? Well if you know how to swim and are over the age of 16, this job might be for you. It pays about $12 an hour, but requires a lot more work than the jobs listed above. This challenge is located in the 78232 area. Click here for the company website. 

  • Delivery Driver-Papa John’s

For older teens that have a car, this job pays a little over minimum wage and includes tips. It is located in the 78217 zip code and has both part-time and full-time positions. Click here for the company website. 


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