Putting a Ring on 2023

The class rings of 2023 are were available for students to design and order. Students got a chance to order one class ring that also came with a companion one as well.  There will be a ceremony held when the rings arrive for the students who order them. 

 Many people buy class rings because they see it as a way to show their accomplishment of graduating high school. Others see class rings as expensive and a waste of $300.  There were people with different opinions on whether or not they are worth it. 

“I see the ring as a symbol of what I accomplished in high school,” junior Bayli Fillinger said. “Buying a ring and wearing it, I will be able to look down at my hand and reminisce about the good times of high school.” 

Class rings are a way for students to feel connected with their classmates after high school. Some will keep their rings with them after high school and that way whenever they see it, they can remember their high school memories.  The rings will stand as one big representation of all the milestones made during your high school years. Kids turn to adults through high school and many want to keep their good memories with them through the ring.  

“I feel as if our class will be connected once we are graduated by the rings since we all graduated in the same year and have the same things on our rings,” Fillinger said.

Class rings for high school students can be something they can hold dear to their hearts to remember their youth, the growth they made, and the milestones they had during their high school experience. 

“I will definitely remember the ring and may have it on display as I get older,” Fillinger said. 

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