North, South, Movie? Pole

We asked and y’all answered. Our news staff had put out polls to see what the majority’s favorite holiday movies are. The options we gave were “The Grinch” with Jim Carrey, “Santa Buddies”, “Polar Express”, “Home Alone” movies, “Elf”, and “A Christmas Story”. 

Between “The Grinch” and “Santa Buddies”, “The Grinch” was liked by more. Between “Polar Express” and the “Home Alone” franchise, “Polar Express” was had more votes. Between “Elf” and “A Christmas Story”, “Elf” won. Many enjoy the movies because they are a fun way to spend the holidays and they are a good source of entertainment.

“I love the part in the Grinch when the Grinch brings back all the presents to Whoville and then he says his heart grows three times as big because it’s a cute scene and shows a good message to little kids,” junior Bayli Fillinger said.

“I love all the Christmas decorations we see in Elf, it makes it so fun to watch,” junior Gabby Sosa said. “It’s also very funny.”

You are never too old to enjoy a good Holiday movie even if you are watching it by yourself, with friends, or family. Holiday movies are a great way to get excited and in the holiday spirit. Grab some hot cocoa, your PJ’s, and put on one of these favorited movies.

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