Spot the Difference

On Monday, Nov. 29, senior Alissa Murphy came to school and found her parking spot was taken.

An unknown driver had parked in Murphy’s parking spot that she had paid $50 for and painted the week before Thanksgiving. As a first-time event hosted by the PTSA, seniors had the privilege to claim their own parking space anywhere on campus.

According to the administration parking in a reserved and paid-for space does warrant consequences and should not be taken lightly.

Although the other driver is unknown, and there wasn’t a hostile action taken, Murphy took matters into her own hands. 

“I left a note so they don’t park there,” Murphy said. “I get to school late because I have swim practice in the mornings, so I don’t get here until 9:35. It’s nice to not have to park in the back and I like to have a spot waiting for me, so I was sad because I had to park far away.”

For seniors that want to get their own assigned parking spot there will be more opportunities to pay and paint their parking spots on campus.

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