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Last week Unity Club hosted kindness week. Kindness week is all about spreading positivity and goodwill. They’ve been preparing for this week since August, writing 2,396 nice notes to give to every student. The week was full of good attitudes and kind-heartedness. 


On Monday everyone who participated wore pajama pants for the theme “Dreaming of kindness.” People participated the most on this day, for most it’s just normal attire, “The idea of pajama pants and kindness goes hand in hand, when people are kind to you you feel comfortable in your surroundings and in yourself,” sophomore Michaela Johnson said.


On Tuesday it was Namaste after school for yoga,” everyone who went met in the cheer shack before or after school. 


On Wednesday it was “Compliment a stranger day” Compliments can brighten someone’s day more than you can imagine. It’s important to encourage your peers and help them get through the long school day. 


On “Thoughtful Thursday” nice notes were handed out during flex class attached to a paper with advice for exam taking. “The note made me feel good, it gave me the confidence I needed to go into my exam week and give me a push to do well on my exams,” Sophomore Iyonna Sherwood said. 

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