Repping At The Alamodome: Josh Feldman

The annual San Antonio Sports All-Star Football Game was held at the Alamodome on Saturday, Jan 8. showcasing the best high school players in the city. The selected players were divided up between Team Gold and Team Black, and one MacArthur student was selected to represent the school in the bright lights of the Alamodome.

Josh Feldman, senior, represented the Brahmas as a linebacker for Team Black on Saturday night, but he didn’t let the huge stage get to him. 

“It was definitely a little intimidating but also pretty awesome to go run out on the field in front of thousands of people in the crowd…There was maybe a little bit [of pressure] before, but once the game started it just felt like a normal game and we just played and had fun,” Feldman said. 

The best coaches in the city were coaching the game as well, and Josh felt as though he benefited from meeting both the players and the coaches he met at the all-star event.

“I got to learn a lot from all the players and the coaches,” Feldman said. “It’s not everyday that you get to play for the best of the best.”

The game ended up being a showdown of the defenses, with the final score being 18-8, Team Gold on top. The point of the game is to show off the top talent in the city to college scouts, and the huge status of the game has further elevated the opportunity for these student athletes.

“It was definitely an awesome experience and I enjoyed it the whole time for sure,” Feldman said.

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