Feeling Euphoric: Ruminations: Big and Little Bullys

Hello and welcome back to Feeling Euphoric with Jordan, where I give my personal views and opinions on season 2 of HBO’s Euphoria. This week’s episode took a break from the gut-wrenching stress, and instead took some time to answer some questions going on throughout the season.

The episode starts away from the usual cast and is set in the ’90s with a teenage Cal Jacobs in his senior year of high school. It is revealed that Cal had a boyfriend during high school while also having a relationship with Nate’s mom, Marsha, at the same time to use as a cover-up to stay in the closet personally and socially.

The most important scene from the flashback was when Cal gets the phone call from Marsha that she is pregnant with Cal’s kid and is ready to start a family. To me, Cal was always shown to me as this disgusting monster that cares about nothing more than his image, when in reality he is just a man way too far gone in the closet. This makes me feel some remorse for his situation, but it doesn’t change the fact that he is still in the wrong with how he has handled the conflict between Nate and Fez, and his illegal “encounters” with Jules.

Cassie is still desperate. She is extremely desperate to the point where we learn that Nate and Cassie are still meeting behind Maddy’s back and that those little “sneaky links” are the only times Nate acknowledges her in any way. So to change that, Cassie wakes up every day at 4 a.m. to start her extensive morning routine to look good enough for Nate to acknowledge her at school.

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