Wrestling Competes at Cy-Fair

The wrestling team went to the Berry Center Arena to compete in the largest varsity boys’ and girls’ tournament in the nation. Cy-Fair took place over two days, Jan. 6- 7, and the team came back with two wrestlers placing in the top ten. Senior Kai Stillwell-Ulloa and Junior Kei’Aviyahn Evans won 4th and 6th place in their weight class.

“A lot of other tournaments have maybe 15-30 schools max, Cy-Fair had 84,”  Junior Mackinzie Moore said. “As well as most tournaments having about six mats, this one had 16.”

Competing in Cy-Fair put a lot of pressure on the team. The stadium was filled with a crowd of people all watching and cheering. 

“Some things I do to calm my nerves is to make sure my body is actually warmed up so I feel like I’m ready for the tournament,” Moore said. “Just telling yourself you are going to win like there’s no doubt about it, going to win.”

Ultimately, the team did its best and it turned out to be a success. Whether it was placed in their weight class, or improving their individual skills.

“Overall I think we did pretty well…a lot of our other wrestlers had never gone before, including myself,” Moore said. “The people that did go back, beat their goal of either making another match or going further along in the brackets.”

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