First Year in Five-Star

Gabriella De La Rosa, 9

In an attempt to ease the transition from middle school to high school, all freshmen classes were put in the Five-Star Building, formerly the S-wing. The class of 2026 had to face new challenges such as moving between buildings, as well as the normal changes that come with changing schools. 

How do you feel about spending your freshman year in the Five-Star Building? 

“Being in the Five-Star Building was amazing! It was a good transition into high school from middle school. Being in the Five Star Building, we have a chance to grow with our peers and get to know them.” Gabriella De La Rosa

“My feelings on being in the Five-Star Building are mixed. Teachers and building are great, but when you go to high school you expect more maturity, and it did not advance one bit from 8th grade. Overall nice though.” Zachary Carter

“It was pretty good! The Five-Star Building makes getting slowly merged into high school from middle school easier than if we were just thrown in with everyone else while still having a couple of classes around the school so we could get used to it.” Jordan Schilp

Zachary Carter, 9


What challenges did you face this year in the Five-Star Building? 

“There weren’t many challenges. Although if you had a class in the main building it was a little far to get to, but we made it work!” Gabriella De La Rosa

“Any challenges were not noticed. It’s been fine.” Zachary Carter

“The only real issue is getting from building to building, I have to go from upstairs in the Five-Star Building to the third-floor main building, and I barely get to class on time most days.” Jordan Schilp


Jordan Schilp, 9

How do you feel about being in the main building full-time next year?  

“I had some classes in the main building this year, and so far, the experience has been very pleasant. I’m very excited to be full-time in the main building next year.” Gabriella De La Rosa

“Being in the main building next year seems like a step up. I get the feeling of being in a vast school! While also people in my grade being put with the seniors and juniors will be a fun sight indeed.” Zachary Carter

“It’s a lot bigger, but it’ll be nice to be able to stay in one building almost all day. It’ll be a lot more crowded and the ambiance of the Five-Star Building is more comfortable, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it in no time.” Jordan Schilp

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