Dancing the Night Away at Prom

Students this week are anxiously awaiting one of the most known events of high school: prom. Dresses and tuxes have been bought, nails are getting done, hair and makeup appointments have been booked, and juniors and seniors are discussing places to get dinner and take photos. Another aspect of prom is whether or not someone is attending with a date, and whether or not that matters as much as people think.


“I really don’t think it’s necessary to have a date for prom if you want to have a date regardless of [if it’s a] significant other or friend”, senior Teagan Leader said. “It’s a good idea, but if you don’t necessarily have a date you can still equally have fun without a date”.


Students who have been to prom before have learned lessons from their experiences and will be looking at the big night from a different perspective this year.


“To anyone going to prom for the first time, I would tell them to wear comfortable shoes and not worry about not having a date”, junior Alexa Navarro said.


Whether you’re going to prom with a date, or making it a night with the people you trust most, there’s something to enjoy when you’re at the dance. Many students have found that dancing and screaming your favorite songs with your closest friends can be the best part of the night. 


“[The] most fund part of prom is dancing around with the people you’ve spent the whole year with and getting to see everyone all dressed up”, Navarro said.

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