Senior Throwback Songs

As the school year comes to a close, seniors are getting ready to start a new chapter of their lives and venture out into adulthood. Saying goodbye to your childhood can be hard, but here’s some songs that take our seniors back in time and let them travel into a world where life was a lot simpler.

Shawn Ingram – Someday by The Strokes

“My mom would play that song in the car almost everyday when I was coming back from pre-school. It’s a very nostalgic song that I listen to, to this day.”


Brianna Ruiz De Velasco – TiK ToK by Ke$ha

“I used to go skating all the time and they would play all the Ke$ha songs and I just thought it was so cool.”


Kolton Phillips – Wild Ones by Flo Rida, ft. Sia

“The songs’ vibes bring me back to when my mom and I would go to the pool everyday during the summer.”


Mackenzie Gaston – Boyfriend by Justin Bieber

“I’m his biggest fan and I went to his concert when I was little.”


Vitor Padilla – Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars

“My late great uncle who had this iconic laugh and humor that just connected with me, would love to sing that song with me whenever it came on when I was little. Only thing is we would say ‘Girl you’re amazing, just the way you fart.’ Anytime the song comes on, I think about singing it with him and his incredible laugh.”


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