Bathroom Situation

by | Gianna DiPasquale 



Bathroom doors around the school are either being propped open or locked, however, there is a new rule this year concerning bathroom access. The only boys’ bathrooms that are open in the main building are the ones in the C-D corner and A-B corner of the hallways. For the girls, the only restrooms that are open are the one by the D Wing stairwell and the one in the B-C hallway. Many students are wondering why the bathrooms are divided up this way.


“Traffic. Keep traffic down,” Principal Joaquin Hernandez said. “And, to be honest with you, to help us when we’re looking at cameras to look at violators.”


The school has had many issues with students skipping class and crowding the stalls in the bathrooms, which has posed a problem for other students who are trying to use the restroom.


“I just got really tired of kids coming to me and complaining to me about the amount of people in the restroom, so we had to figure out what to do,” Hernandez said.


This is the decision that the school has reached as a way to keep students from breaking school rules and keeping others safe from harmful behaviors, that could possibly land them in ISS or AHS.


“Ultimately, all the decisions about the restroom are about safety,” Hernandez said. “And, obviously, the comfort of you being able to go to the restroom, without walking into a smoke show.”

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