Caring For Custodians -National Custodian Appreciation Week

by | Salma Cano

Staff Reporter


Custodians don’t just help clean up but are always setting up for big events and school functions. In honor of last week being Custodian Appreciation Week, here is how students showed the custodians the value they have here are MacArthur High School.


“They keep our school clean and make it a safer environment. Just a clean, healthy, safer environment for us,” junior Zoe Garcias said. 


Some would say that a lot of the time, our custodians don’t get all the respect that they deserve. There are those who feel custodians are often overlooked and not appreciated as much as they should be.


“I think we should, for sure give them more respect than we do already give them because of the time, and patience they give to us and to our school. They really do take care of our school so we can be in a well, clean environment,” senior Emily Barajas said.  


Students can show appreciation to the custodians by simple acts of kindness that acknowledge all the work they do for us. Sometimes the most simple things we forget to do can be most effective.


“I think that the kids, just saying ‘Thank you’ when they see them in the hall would go a really long way, because all the posters and gifts are nice, but I think hearing it from a kid would be more impactful,” AVID teacher Reagan Beres said. 


Some would say that custodians are often overshadowed by the better-known roles at school, such as teachers and coaches. Instead of making their mistreatment something that they are used to, students can give them more kind recognition.


“I think the energy that it takes, that every time the custodians clean the mess and people make the mess again, it takes a lot of patience,” Barajas said. 


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