Why The Concert Experience is Important to This Generation

Going to a concert is a genuinely amazing experience for some people. There are ways to watch concerts online nowadays but going and experiencing it in person will never not be exhilarating for music lovers. For some students, the ticket-buying moments and waiting in line to get into the venue is so exciting and is something that most people will never forget. 


There is a big difference in how people feel about the modernization and process of getting tickets now. Going up to the ticket booths to buy tickets can be fun for some people but others like it contactless. 


“I do think kind of getting rid of ticket stubs has removed like an integral part of the concert experience,” junior Isabelle Blount said. 


Although the struggle to get tickets is real, most people still find going and experiencing the concert is why everything is worth the wait.


“My favorite thing about going to concerts is it’s a really good opportunity for me to have fun with my friends that also like the artist as well and it’s just super fun,” Blount said. “Because after the concert you get to talk to your friends about how you liked it and it’s just a really good bonding experience.”


One aspect of concerts that can be stressful is acquiring the tickets to go. Some prefer to have a tangible ticket, while others prefer the online version of the purchase.


“I would pick contactless ticket purchasing over a physical copy any day. It’s without hassle and in the comfort of my house and home,” senior Jasmine Barrientes said.


While there are those that also prefer an online viewing along with mobile purchases, there are others who genuinely find the live experience much more thrilling.


“I enjoy going to them because it’s a great opportunity to listen to good music live, you get to dance around and sing and you get to enjoy the artists commentary throughout the concert,” Blount said.


Hearing, seeing and feeling the music all around you at a concert is something most people truly seem to enjoy and look forward to at a concert.


“Just a couple of days ago I went to a concert with my best friend Camille, and it was the first time I had gone to a concert without my family there. It went by so fast, and I had the most fun I’ve had in forever,” Barrientes said.


Overall, concerts are events that people won’t ever forget. Everyone comes together to listen to their favorite artists and sing their hearts out with each other all night long.


“I think concerts are a really good opportunity for people of any age to have fun because I think music is something that unites everyone,” Blount said.


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