HoCo Is Here

Different groups within the community are preparing in different ways for homecoming. For example, football, and band are taking part in homecoming to make the experience more memorable for the students here at MacArthur.


“Band has made me really prepared to have a lot of fun at this year’s homecoming,” senior Josh Wall said. “Band is just trying to set the tone and make sure that everybody’s having a good time.”


Some may say that band performing, not just at homecoming, but at all kinds of events such as pep rallies, and football games gets people’s spirits up and helps everyone enjoy the full experience.


“To be honest, we’re looking to pull a win. I don’t see another way we can make a bigger impact than winning our homecoming game,” senior Trevor Brooks said.


Then, when it comes to the homecoming football game, the football team seems to remain hopeful and optimistic about it. Overall, most would say that homecoming is something to look forward to this year.


“I’m really interested to see how homecoming at Blossom this year is going to be because it has always been here in the courtyard, which I love, but I think it will be a positive change to have it somewhere else,” Brooks said. 


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