January 2011

Students Prepare to Work Around Special Exam Schedule

Photo By Joey Hechler | Story By Christina Dimyan |

This upcoming week, students face semester exams. With exams being as much as 20 percent of some students’ overall grades, having a proper testing environment and attendance are crucial. This does mean having a special schedule, which may require students to change their day-to-day schedule to follow the special exam schedule set up for next week.

“We have created a schedule that creates a good testing environment for students,” Kelly Taylor, assistant principal for curriculum said.

With the lunch schedule changing as well, students will need to adjust to a different lunch lengths. On Tuesday and Wednesday, lunch is an hour and a half. On Thursday and Friday, lunch is 30 minutes due to early release at 1:30.

As for seniors, the time for senior release has changed. Seniors need to be prepared to follow the exam schedule and come at different times than normally. People on Co-Op need to make sure to arrange a schedule with their work so they can be present for all exams.

The exam schedule was released before Christmas break in order to give those students with Work Release and Co-Op plenty of time to make arrangements with employers. Also, upon returning from break announcements have been made regarding the exam schedule. Students have been given advance notice as to avoid any problems with their employer.

“We get out at two, and I have to go to work at two, so I’m having to lose an hour of work and come late,” junior Haley Gavegan said.


-All students who work may NOT miss an exam due to work. Please adjust your work schedule with your employer ahead of time.

-All students enrolled in co-op, a work program or who are currently employed during the school day must adjust their work schedule in order to attend all scheduled exams or acquire a PRE-PRINTED pass from their co-op teacher before exam day.

-Early dismissal is a privilege for high school students. Please do not visit any NEISD middle schools or elementary schools, because classes are in session.

Girl’s Varsity Basketball Stays Determined Despite Loss

Photo By Rania Dotson | Story By Meagan Newsom |

Emerging from the locker room at half time, the sheer determination was gleaming, or rather glaring from the faces of the varsity girl’s basketball team. After wiping down their shoes and taking a few last sips of water, the girls prepared for the second half. Down 19-38, the girls could do nothing but improve from the position they were in.

Soccer: Girls of Today Vs. Girls of 90’s

Photo By Bianca Loera | Story By Brittany Weaver |

The 90’s; a time where the boy band N’sync became big, cell phones made their debut appearance, and the Lady Mavs soccer team made state three times. Alumni from classes of ’91 ’93 and ’95 joined together against the present soccer players of today for a continuance of the tradition.

Meyer’s Twilight Series Unrealistic

Photo By Sarah Thibodeaux | Story By Adalyn Burke |

In the course of the last 10 years, a single book series has skyrocketed in popularity. That franchise is Twilight, written by Stephenie Meyer. While the series does a good job at promoting the fleeting interest in reading, it idealizes the idea of love in such a condescending fashion that it reads as purely superficial. Meyer reported early on that Twilight was inspired by a dream. Perhaps that’s where she should have left the fantasy.

Sneak Peak at New Agricultural Facilities

By Kristian Bush and Lorenzo Cisneros | Following is a sneak peak of the new AG facility that is planned to open its doors on Feb 2. The pictures below are only a brief synopsis of what the new facility has to offer to AG students and faculty.

Scholarships, Applications, Financial Aid Deadlines, OH MY!

Counselors provide advice for seniors, parents. |
By Makala Finley |

With just under 20 weeks left until that long awaited graduation date in June, many different deadlines are piling up. Scholarship deadlines, college deadlines and financial aide deadlines. Taxes will soon be ready, and the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) will be ready to fill out. Colleges and universities will begin giving away money on Feb. 1, so don’t miss the boat. Even if seniors feel that they do not qualify for financial aid, they still need to fill out the FAFSA. In most cases, there is almost always something out there for incoming freshman. For more assistance, students and parents should attend Financial Aid night on Feb. 3 at 6:30 in the library. Financial aid guru Marcus Cooper from Texas A&M University will be the key speaker. If possible, seniors should attend this helpful gathering.

“They’ll [students and parents] will get a lot of help. With changes this year, they’ll get new information about the FAFSA,[learn] the difference between loans, scholarships and grants. [Financial Aid Night] will give a gfoundation for filling out the FAFSA and the financial aid process,” counselor Karla Ridings said.

Besides the financial aid deadlines, college application deadlines are beginning to pop up and seniors should be aware of the dates so they do not miss the deadline to apply to the school of their choice. Seniors should also check with their school of choice and take note of the school’s scholarship deadlines. Many colleges and universities offer a variety of scholarships for incoming freshman.

Lastly, for a limited time only, those seniors wanting to attend a local community college such as SAC can register to take the Accuplacer for no cost. Students should sign up in the GO center located in the counseling office. All they need to do is fill out a request in the counseling office and they will be called down to register. Later in the Spring, junior colleges will require the THEA(Texas Higher Education Assessment), which is more expensive than the Accuplacer.

Graduation is quickly approaching. It is important to keep grades high and know the deadlines. With free money being tossed around, no student should be left out. So here’s to 2nd semester Seniors! The journey is winding down.


Here’s a sneak peek at what will be going on for the Class of 2011’s last semester:

Feb. 1- Colleges start giving out financial aide

Feb. 3- Financial Aid Night at 6:30 in the library

Feb. 23- Ms. Saldivar will hold FAFSA assistance in the library from 12-6

Mar. 22- Summa Reception at 6. Tentatively will be help in the new auditorium

Mid-Spring- Awards Night

Jun. 6- GRADUATION at Freeman Coliseum


Fairy Tail Series Captures Readers

By Jairo Cordon |

Everybody has to start somewhere, but Hiro Mashima, author of many prototypes such as Cocona, has always been able to outdo himself in his line of work.

As a Mangakas or manga writer (which is illustrating pictures and placing captions with the drawings for a graphic novel most likely from Japan) creating stories that relate enough to human life and go as far away from it is a challenge, but his latest series, “Fairy Tail” was able to take on such a feat.

Manga writers have incredible imaginations most of the time, allowing for rich stories that are not just fantasy. Having enough originality with the right blend of characters makes the story feel like it could actually happen. Every once in a long time, a certain story is written that will completely capture the senses; the next thing readers will know, they have wasted half the day sitting down and reading a book. That’s what “Fairy Tail” does.

“Fairy Tail” managed to win the 2009 Shounen Manga award by their own publishers Weekly Shounen Magazine.

Having an action adventure, fantasy-type story targeted toward young teens to young adults is not an easy task. But its 23 volumes and constant chapter updates online prove otherwise.

The story begins with a young celestial wizard Lucy Heartfilia exploring the worl d around her going from town to town in hopes to better her understanding of the magic arts. Until out of the blue she runs into one of the well known Guilds or clubs of wizards “Fairy Tail.” She first meets one of the main characters Natsu Dragneel, or “Salamander” who is a Fire-type Mage (wizard). After she learns who he is and what he does she decides to befriend him in order to get into the famous Guild, next thing Lucy knows is that she does gain entry into the guild.

When she begins to understand why she has been accepted into the famous guild, Lucy learns that all of the members must go out and perform dangerous missions to build up her reputation. These missions pay, but they require more than just quick thinking to survive.

Along with Natsu, Lucy meets other powerful mages along her adventures such as the Ice mage Gray Fullbuster, comedy relief Happy the Cat, and the Armor Mage Erza Scarlet. Each has different abilities, and they form a team that can make these deadly missions a walk in the park.

Having a book that has the elements of Power, Greed, and Authority never worked this well. “Fairy Tail” is a colorful mix of fresh ideas worth the $8.79 per volume price tag at a local Borders. The latest independent chapter, 214, was released online Dec. 4.

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