by Lauren Holzmann | staff writer

You walk into your classes. Everyone in the class already knows that there is no point in showing up but they do anyways…so they can exempt their finals. While many classes are still learning, the classes that had to take the dreaded EOC’s are just kicking their feet up and relaxing.

In all of the excess free time, students are finding new ways to entertain themselves if they don’t enjoy the daily movie.

For starters, Pinterest. Procrastination central or time vacuum? That website has everything from hair styles to decorations ideas for your future dorm. Better yet, the place to find creative ideas about anything that pops into your head.

Some classes have game days. This is a day where you bring in your childhood past and battle it out to see who can get to the Candy Castle first instead of falling back into the Peppermint Forest.

Potluck parties. The dream of every high schooler (A.K.A. endless food.) You get to walk into a room full of snacks and bask in the amount of calories you are about to consume. This is probably one of the best days a high schooler could have because instead of working on busy work, you get to sit around, talk to your friends and do nothing but eat a fourth meal…and eventually pass out from that carb overload.

Then you have those kids who decide to take a nap because they pulled an all nighter to play video games or do anything but sleep. These are the kids who are just happy that they have a whole 50 minutes to not give one, single care about anything.

Lastly you have the “nerds”. At this point, those are the small handful of people who actually care about their grades and their future. There are also those that are concerned that even with the multiplier, the hole that they are in is a little too deep, being a book worm is the only choice they have in order to pass.

Regardless of the “educational” movie being the “only option”, students are always finding ways to do anything but educate themselves (unless that is their only choice) and with any luck, school will be over before their parents can force them to fix their grades.


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About The Author

Lauren Holzmann is a senior at Johnson High School and is a second year writer for MyJagNews. She is currently the Arts and Entertainment editor. She is also involved in orchestra where she holds an officer position as well as a member in the National Honor Society, National English Honor Society, Friends Club and is a peer tutor for the special needs students. When she isn't working, Lauren is usually hanging out with friends or binge watching multiple shows simultaneously on Netflix. She is also perfectly capable of remembering every Parks and Recreation episode ever made and wishes she was able to try waffles from JJ's Diner. She has 3 dogs, each more stubborn than the next and a younger sister with whom she shares her birthday.

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