Striking Out the Competition

Walking away from their first match with a win against Madison on Monday, November 4, the five person girl’s bowling team is excited about the start of their season and the opportunity to grow closer to each other. 

“It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it because everyone is doing great and cheering each other on,” senior, Diamond Ham said. 

The team finds their strength in the bond they’ve created because it helps them through everything. 

“We support each other, even if we fail, we’re still there for each other and care about each other,” senior, Zoe Spomer said. 

As the entire team is graduating this year, they’re hoping to go farther and have been pushing each other to do better in order to achieve that.

“We’ve really been keeping each other in line and focused on getting that win,” Diamond said. “There’s only five of us, so we have to make sure everyone is always there because that’s an entire team.”

In the end, regardless if they win or lose, the girls are happy that bowling brought them together. 

“I love bowling because it’s small, fun, and less running than other sports,” Diamond said.

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