New policy, precautions for electronics at school

by Victoria Vogler

Staff Writer

For the past two years, administration has had a clear “no responsibility’ policy for stolen items. Now that the rules have changed, the policy has too.

“Electronic devices are still kind of iffy, and we decided as a campus that we have a little more campus leeway,” A.P. Mitch Brown said. “We decided as a campus to allow iPods to be used during lunchtime because there’s such a large amount of time. You’re gonna use it anyway, why be in trouble? We’re not gonna fight that battle. So that’s really where the whole things changed. iPods aren’t considered a prohibited item anymore.”

Under a new policy that places smart phones and iPods in plain sight, the issue of stolen electronics needs to be taken into account.

In the worst-case scenario, Brown stresses action.

“Go to the police department. Those reports are made and they handle it from there,” Brown said.

Measures exist to prevent theft; or make it easier to locate and identify stolen items.

“If you have electronic things at home, what I suggest you do is write the serial numbers down, and get a good description of what it is,” Brown said. “Keep [your phone] with you all the time. I always tell people this is no different then the mall, if you set it on the bench and walk away, you’ve got 2,300 people here and, unfortunately, not everyone’s honest and it’s gonna be missing. So keep it on your person.”

Due to the large amount of people that have issues with theft, Brown advises students to carry their electronics on them.

“If you get up in class and it’s on your desk, put it in your pocket or your purse. Take your purse with you, lock it in your locker if you don’t want it with you anymore. It’s just ‘don’t leave it out’- that’s the key.”

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