New study lounge gives students a place to study

by Jonathan Petrutsas | Staff Writer

Johnson High School has opened a new study lounge for students who want to study or do homework during lunch. Located in the library, the room provides a quiet place for students to concentrate and focus on their assignments.

“I love the study lounge. I think it’s a great time to study and gives me more opportunities to study and do homework,” Junior Jacob Ricker said.

To gain access to the room, students must get approval from the administrators on lunch duty.

“There are yellow passes you pick up in the cafeteria, just as you do for the library,” Principal John Mehlbrech said. “Once you come into the room, you set the pass down, sign in, take a seat, and begin to do your work.”

In order to maintain an academic environment, certain rules have been established.

“The study lounge is not a place to socialize; it’s a quiet study lounge for students to do their work or read quietly,” Mehlbrech said. “Other than that, no food or drinks are allowed.”

Students are glad to have the opportunity to catch up on work or prepare for classes.

“The study lounge is very beneficial,” Ricker added. “Not just for me, but for any students that need extra time to study.”

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