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On June 5 in Los Angeles, California, the legacy of the MTV Movie Awards returns. The 2011 awards show will be hosted by Jason Sudeikis, the comedian of Saturday Night Live who’s rising in popularity, with special guest appearances by a host of celebrities.

The MTV Movie Awards shines a spotlight on the most notable references of today’s pop culture in the cinematic field. Though the nominations are mostly awarded with acclaim, guest speakers are encouraged to jest because of the abnormally high popularity these movies have gained with the teenage demographic (as such for past nominees like the casts of Twilight and The Matrix).

“[I hope] Thor, for one, and Battle Los Angeles [wins]…and Fast Five,” senior Xavier De La Cruz said.

The nomination categories include the traditional Best Female and Male Performances and Best Movie, along with the unaccustomed Best Villain, Best Fight, Best Comedic Performance, and the famous Best Kiss categories. A couple of repeated nominees include Joseph Gordon-Levitt from Inception, Kristen Stewart and her two beaus of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and Easy A star Emma Stone.

The MTV Movie Awards groups together mixed-rated films, from Grown-Ups  to The Social Network, and is most likely the only awards program to place Oscar winner Natalie Portman in the running with Kristen Stewart for Best Female Performer.

The ceremony is a sure means of entertainment and crucial heartbreak, from comedic parodies of favorite films to the announcement of the winners.

“I’m going to watch it, I really want to watch it this time,” De La Cruz said.

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