Teens a tough sell in stiff job market

by Eduardo Calderon|Staff Writer

Two months ago, junior Brian Miller was job hunting; hoping to score a position in a variety of locations.

“I need money to get a car and maintain it,” Miller said, “I applied at a total of four places.”

The economic conditions have taken a great toll on the employment process.

“Out of the few I applied too, only one called back,” Miller said, “I work at Discount Tire Company.”

However, the high rate of unemployment in the student population may not be the economy, but to the teenager mentality.

“Its hard to get a job because kids are lazy, and they don’t work to earn a job,” Miller said, “You have to look for one, it won’t come to you.”

Although jobs can be very useful, it can be a problem for some students.

“I actually don’t believe they should be working during the school year, but during the summer to learn responsibility,” US history teacher Addie Garcia-DuBravec said.

During the school year, jobs can distract students from the main goal in school.

“During the school year, students must focus on school, or their grades may begin to suffer,” Garcia-DuBravec said, “Unless the family is struggling economically.”

Getting a job may be based on characteristics.

“Tenacious [students] find jobs, and the students that get timid if they don’t get a call back,” STAN counselor Carri Elliot said, “They don’t follow through on applications, or won’t go back to the place without a call from the employer.”

Since many people are looking for jobs, many businesses receive so many applications that they seem to forget who is who.

“Some jobs are hard to get because kids are applying everywhere, so you have to call back reminding them about your application,” Miller said.

Having a job can teach students certain things that school always can’t.

“It teaches responsibility, and it helps the family financially if need be,” Elliot said, “Having a job gives a taste of what they want to do or don’t want to do in the future.”

Another Jaguar that went job hunting is senior Orvil Venturia.

“I applied at a total of two places, but none of them called back,” Venturia said.

Food industry mostly dominates in hiring high school students.

“Most of my friends work at Bill Miller’s BBQ, IHOP, Papa John’s, Dominoes, and Whataburger,” Venturia said.

Certain jobs are common around the student population because they may not contain as many responsibilities as other positions.

“No one wants to work where there’s and excessive amount of labor,” Venturia said.

Throughout the interview process, employers look for qualities that best suit the line of work.

“[When hiring] we want someone who’s energetic, enthusiastic, disciplined, friendly, and a hard worker,” Aeropostale manager Jayme Kotts said.

Another aspect employers look at is how to fit work time into the potential employee’s schedule.

“The main part of a worker is dependability, and many times students have no transportation to work causing a few problems,” Hollister manager Kijuan Marshall said.

During an interviewer, employers like hearing certain characteristics about potential employees.

“In the interview [students] should actually show how their work ethic is, how hard they push themselves, success stories they’ve had, and how dependable they are,” Marshall said.

Going into an interview, students should have a few items in mind.

“Be respectful, dress formerly, but not to formerly,” Miller said, “Don’t stutter your words, be in the right frame of mind, and speak respectfully.”

Having a job can make each and everyday harder when your not even at work.

“Having a job means you have to fit those hours in your school schedule, and getting enough sleep and homework time,” Miller said.

Although having a job poses many difficulties, it offers a few nice perks.

“With a job you have extra money, and it offers many life skills,” Miller said.

Fellow Jaguar junior Melissa Brady went through the difficulty of earning a job for an extended period of time.

“I applied at a lot of places, and it took me three months to finally get my job,” Brady said, “I work at Whataburger.”

Furthermore, employment brought a certain independence.

“I needed one because I need money to support myself,” Brady said.

Brady offers advice to any student looking for a job.

“Never give up, and keep trying, because jobs are hard to get,” Brady said.


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