Favorite YouTube Videos Among Students and Teachers

Students and teachers enjoy same source of entertainment.

by Darius Davila|Staff Writer

Nowadays, teens no longer relay on the radio or television for entertainment, but turn to the never ending world of the internet. YouTube has become the world’s largest video network, making the possibilities for entertainment virtually endless. We sat down and asked students what they watch on this wonderfully entertaining site.

What is your favorite YouTube video and why?

Brandon Beibel Bangin; because it’s gnarly” Ben Valdez 11th

Heavy and Scout Think They Are Birds; because human beings pretend to be birds and they eat massive amounts of sandwiches” Griffin Bates 9th

“Tape on My Cats back Paw; because it is outrageously funny” Tyler Stiff 11th

Wiz Khalifa on My Level (Music Video); because it’s an awesome song and it’s all about slow motion” Victoria Perez 11th

Amazing Golf Tricks; because I love to watch all the crazy trick shots” Mike Martin, varsity golf coach

Evil Hamsters Attack Russians; because it’s so funny to see the hamster attack the Russian guy” Jackie Hubbard 12th

“I’m really not a big YouTube guy but I really enjoy the video Sons Reaction to Empire Strikes Back; the look on his face is just hilarious” Gordon Brewer, business teacher

“I’m not a YouTube guy, because I don’t normally enjoy watching videos where people are doing stupid things for entertainment. This school is my entertainment; the students who attend this school are my YouTube. There is never a dull moment” Mike McCuan, football coach

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