Girls basketball sets up for success

by Madelyn Carter| Co-Edior-in-Chief

There’s a new feeling in the air for Lady Jags basketball. In their previous three years, records haven’t been as strong as desired, but had increased with every new season. With this year’s preseason record of 18-3, the girls have a lot going for them.

“We have a lot more talent [this year],” senior Bailey Ulrich said, “I think we’re more focused.”

The team only lost a few influential seniors, and gained five substantial players.

“[Our new players] add height and athleticism,” Ulrich said.

Freshman Erica Caldwell and sophomore Gabbi Bowie are a part of this fresh new talent, being in the top 3 scorers on the team, only outscored by sophomore Recee Caldwell, committed Baylor recruit. Junior Morgan Stearns, who is also the US U17 National soccer team goalkeeper, moved in from Virginia this year and plays a key post for the Jags this season.

“I think we’re really good. We haven’t had that tough of competition yet,” Stearns said of her new team.

Johnson’s girls athletic teams have made leaps and bounds in recent seasons. With volleyball and soccer going to State semi-finals, basketball may have their most best chance yet at achieving this similar results.

“[We do] a lot of practicing, and in a lot of games that aren’t as challenging, we try to work on things that we’ll need to use for our district games,” Stearns said.

The Jags have hit a slight set-back, although, in their path to success, with star point guard and forward, junior Brie Foresman facing an ACL tear in the game against Burbank.

“Losing [Foresman] is a huge loss, she’s one of our best players,” Stearns said. “For the team, and especially for her, we will just have to pull together and win our games.”



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