by Allison Valdez | staff writer

Johnson baseball beats out the Churchill Chargers to become the number two team in the city.

Johnson baseball is climbing to the top of the pyramid as number two in the city with their 16-3 winning streak.

“The season is splendor mainly because of our awesome team chemistry,” senior Matt Chapa said.

It’s important to have compatible personalities on and off the field.

“Johnson baseball is all about ‘we’,” senior Tyler Day said.

It’s very unusual to find a team where the players act like brothers instead of teammates.

“We’ve had to overcome some adversity within the team but we pulled it together pretty well,” senior Matt Haushill said.

With a very significant win over the Churchill chargers, Jag baseball is viewed as a threat by teams all around the city.

“The season has been going great so far and I have no doubt we’ll keep it up,” junior Zach Hammer said.





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