Student’s plan for spring break

by Raphael Nigaglioni | Staff Writer

The end of the third nine weeks is approaching; for some, this news is devastating, report cards will come out and some will be shocked by what they see. However, the majority of Johnson remain hopeful, for the end of the third quarter brings about one of the greatest times of the year- spring break.

“I am going on a church retreat, and hopefully to Port Aransas with my friends. I didn’t really get to go anywhere last year, so I’m just hoping to go have fun with my friends,” senior Alexandra Sokol said.

Some students have subtle plans while others have more “extreme” plans.

“I’m not sure if this is crazy or not, but I am going on a ski trip with my family and am probably going to make a movie with my friend. The craziest thing, though, that me and my brothers would do, is probably explore the area that we’re staying, seeing if there are any cool cliffs or places to climb on and stuff like that,” senior Jesse Keislich said.

Senior Jesse Keislich, says “he is all ready to sleep in and for spring break to start.”

From going to the beach to ski trips, from laid back to hardcore, there is always an in between.

“This spring break I’m just going to hang out at home with my friends. It’s refreshing to have a break from school, and have a cool down period before the fourth nine weeks. I’ll probably spend most of my time walking my dog around the neighborhood and having friends over,” sophomore Kendall Dunlap said.

After 27 weeks of school, a break is widely appreciated.

“Spring break is gonna be great because I’ll be able to sleep in for more than just two days. I really just plan on relaxing and trying not to be bored,” sophomore Adam Nettel said.

With only two weeks left, spring break is hyped up to be very worth the wait.

“It’s ok that spring break isn’t already here, but when it comes it will be a blast,” Nettel said.

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