Johnson tennis district champs look to continue hot streak

by Mac Paquette | Staff Writer

For the second year in a row, Chuyang Guan has won district for tennis.  This marks the first time in Johnson tennis history that an underclassmen has been district champ in back to back years.

Chuyang Guan celebrates a victory.
Chuyang Guan celebrates a victory.

“It took a lot of hard work, but I was able to win again thanks to the help of my coaches and the encouragement of my teammates,” sophomore Chuyang Guan said.

On the boys’ side, Austin Cueva just won district as well for the Jags this past Friday.  This is Austin’s first time being district champ, and it came as a number one seed in his bracket going into the tournament.

“It was very rewarding, I’m happy I was able to pull through and win, this gives me a lot of confidence for regionals,” junior Austin Cueva said.

The district champs Austin Cueva and Chuyang Guan both were the number one seeds in the district tournament, which offers its own challenges that are more pressing than an outsider would think.

“Being the number one seed is not as easy as some think, it puts a lot more pressure on you because you’re expected to do well and win, but at the same time you’re the biggest target that everyone wants to beat,” Cueva said.

The big success by Cueva and Guan gives them confidence for regionals on April 15 and they look to continue their hot streak and make it to state.

“My goal is to win state again, winning last year gave me the confidence and assurance that I can win again, and I feel like I’m playing as well as I was last year, but I still have a lot to play,” Guan said.

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